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Connect with your inner child by expressing yourself through the creative process.

Explore Phoenix Arise – Art Therapy

Explore Phoenix Arise – servicing the Alpine, Albury Wodonga region.

Workshops are based locally. Limited workshops are also offered, subject to availability, to the wider regions of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland upon request. 

Our Purpose is to empower you to be the creator in your own life by expressing your authentic voice through exploring creative expression. By making meaningful connections to your subconscious, expanding your perspective through expressive arts, we believe that, like the Phoenix, you, have within you – the ability to re-discover and transform your life. Arise … from the ashes, to grow into your most beautiful self!

About Jacqui Ryding

Art Therapist

Jacqui is a Transpersonal Art Therapist, Counsellor, and Arts Educator. From a young child Jacqui was given a pencil and paper and knew that the inexpressible was now possible. Symbols and images opened the door to seek and discover…it is with heartfelt joy that she facilitates others to find their healing path through creative expression.

Jacqui guides your through creative, expressive processes that switch on multiple areas of both brain hemispheres and help you connect with your body which holds other ways of knowing. The processes are integrated with counselling, breathe work and movement. Through this exploration of modalities, you expand your perspective on areas in your life that may be blocked, to find and discover new ways of coping with challenges that promote a greater sense of wellbeing.

Jacqui Ryding  - Art therapy

Art Therapy

Connect with your inner child by expressing yourself through the creative process.

Therapy uses creative arts and movement to connect with your inner muse, wisdom, and authentic sense of self.

Art therapy is for everyone.
The practice of Art Therapy has therapeutic benefits by promoting a greater sense of self-awareness, physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing . Integrating aspects of our hidden self, through the subconscious and artistic expression to find a sense of balance & harmony in one’s life.

Not sure if Art Therapy is for you?

Arrange a complimentary fifteen minute Discovery Call, to meet with Jacqui, our Transpersonal Art Therapist, to discuss your needs and find out more.

  • Make sure you feel comfortable with Jacqui
  • View firsthand some of the processes used in a typical session
  • Opportunity to ask questions regarding services offered
Jacqui Ryding  - Art therapy

How I can Help ?

Jacqui can engage you in a holistic life assessment to determine what areas in your life feel out of balance.  Art Therapy promotes a greater sense of holistic wellbeing and mindfulness. Feeling pressured by a hectic world, try Art Therapy – It is a great way to express your emotions without words, process complex feelings, find focus and relief. All you need is to have a willingness to experiment. Since the focus is on the process and not the final product, art therapy is not about becoming a great artist but finding meaning and connections to your life. 

Jacqui Ryding  - Art therapy


One-on-One sessions

Explore your inner world through expressive art and movement, supported by our trained Art Therapist in a One-on-One sessions

Jacqui Ryding  - Art therapist


Group Workshops

Expand your sense of self with others. Workshops are safe places where individual expression is nurtured and encouraged


Choose You

Discover through the playfulness of creative expression a new perspective that opens a window into your inner world

Jacqui Ryding  - Art therapy


Jacqui made me feel comfortable right from the get-go. Being in a group; of strangers is always daunting but I found it comforting that she facilitated space for us all to have our own views and feel respected whilst being respectful of others. The workshop reminded me how much I loved clay but also the parallel between life and clay work; that being that the original idea for clay work evolves, if we allow it, as we work with it. Much like life really. Interesting the main benefits for me came after the workshop. Over the next following weeks and perhaps more time to reflect, I found myself reconnecting with myself and the things that no longer served me well, a spring clean for the soul if you like. As a result of an extended period of chaos and unhappy events I had lost that connection.

So thankyou Jacqui for making that possible.

Jude (Kambah, ACT)

What I enjoyed most about the painting workshops was the skills I learnt and friendly atmosphere. Jacqui made me feel comfortable, I felt supported and safe to express my own individuality, as well as loved. Working with others was a fun way to share and collaborate our ideas.

Rhonda (Captains Flat, NSW)

Jacqui is able to provide guidance and encouragement without judgement and is able to rework a program to suit the flow of her students. Through Jacqui’s workshops I have gained a deeper understanding of freedom in creativity.

Cindy (Special Education Teacher- Wollemi)

How much does an Art Therapy session cost?

One-on-one session

60 minutes -$80

90 minutes- $100, (Recommended as allows more time for the creative process to unfold)

Group Workshops price upon application

Group Workshops vary in time from 90 minutes to a two-day workshop.